1. PhET is a website, through the University of Colorado, that has many interactive simulations that teach different aspects of science. 
  2. Nasa's website with some flash games for children. 
  3. University of Nottingham's video website about the periodic table.
  4. A website on astronomy by one of the members of the Kankakee Stargazers in Illinois.
  5. Science360 is a website that provides scientific research and news from various sources.
  6. The Naked Scientists Online
  7. is the website for geocachers all over. You can find caches near you and tips, tricks and even how to's on this website.
  8. This website has tons of resources for experiments and lab ideas!
We know there are MANY science blogs out there and putting them all on this page with no way to organize doesn't give them justice. So here is a link to an account of ours where we save all the nifty science websites we find. Feel free to share the links or give ideas for more. We always love learning.

This is the link to Delicious. A website that keeps track of website bookmarks. This link is for our science links specifically. Enjoy!

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