Monday, February 6, 2012

Introverted Intertia

This experiment is not specifically for those who do not want to venture out of the house or are shy, but it is a great lesson for a rainy day! There are four parts to this experiment. Each one demonstrates inertia and is very simple. Go ahead, test out those physics skills of yours!
Video at the end showing demonstrations of each activity.

Part One:
-Index Card
1.) Place the note card on the cup with the coin in the center. 
2.) Flick the card.
3.) The coin will drop in the cup. (Beware, cards can fly far.)

Part Two:
-Index Card
1.) Pour sand or cotton in bottom of the cup.
2.) Place the note card on the cup with the marble in the center of the card.
3.) Flick the card.
4.) Marble will fall into cup.
Video: starts around 28 seconds

Part Three:
1.) Place note card on the rim of the cup with coin balancing.
2.) 'Karate chop' the paper.
3.) Coin should fall into the cup.
(Caroll tried this multiple times before getting it, Rachel got it on her first shot!)
Video: starts around 10 seconds

Part Four:
-Heavyweight Paper
1.) Cut paper 3cm wide 30 cm long. (1 in wide, 12 inches long)
2.) Fold paper in a circle and tape.
3.) Place the ring on the cup and balance coin on top.
4.) Flick pencil inside the ring to make the coin fall in the cup.
Video: starts around 17 seconds


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