Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Science?

I've told a few people in the past month that Rachel and I have started a collective blog, and at first they were excited for us.
"Wow, that is great! You guys are trying innovative social learning styles."
They're excited we are trying to integrate the internet and education... until we tell them the topic of the blog.


It's like the word instantly drains all excitement from their faces. A blackhole of joy and all things pretty.

Now perhaps I am exaggerating their reactions, but I must say people show significantly less enthusiasm when I mention the emphasis is on science.

The black hole of science!
This brings us back to the point of our blog. To share the love of science that both Rachel and I have.

We want others to become interested in science. We understand that not everyone loves it like we do. (We're pretty crazy about it.) What we want is for pre-service teachers, teacher and students alike to enjoy science.

So our goal: To share two experiments a month. We don't have specific days on which we will share them. However we want to share as much of our enthusiasm as we can!

Look for our next blog, we're hoping to teach you about Crystal Growth!


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