Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Science: Introduction

Dear Reader,
You are about to join us on an adventure that could change the way you look at science, or even your life!
Rachel and I (Caroll) are starting this blog as an endeavor to show the exciting, interactive and awe-inspiring parts of science. While this blog will be geared towards teaching younger generations (3-7th grade) every age should be able to enjoy the fun, simple activities we will be putting up here.

We will try and update about things we find interesting in science and how you can make learning fun for your students. We plan on using the ideas we put on here in our own classroom. So take this as a place where we store our ideas but are sharing them with you.

Since both Rachel and I are in school this blog cannot be updated everyday. However we will try our best to have a new activity up every month. The first two months may be slow, but our plan is to share with you some of the experiments we have done and how they can be used in the classroom or be done at home.

If you ever have questions just send a message and one of us will get back to you!


And Remember: Science is fun!

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